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Other Services
Here is a list of other services we offer.  When you are ready, book a call for us to discuss your needs.
Social Media Start Up
  • Social Media Business Page Set Up

    • Basic Account Set Up​

    • ​​Customized Branded Graphic Cover
    • Social Media Coaching
  • Business Product/Services drawn by a Louisiana licensed attorney-at-law

    • Contract​s

    • Waivers

  • Company Headshots

  • Product/Service Photos

  • Can be done monthly, quarterly, one-time

Virtual Assistant Needs
  • Data Entry

  • Research

  • Email Cleanup

  • Scheduling/Booking Calendar Set Up

  • Automation

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Spreadsheet/Forms Creation

    • Customer Reviews​

    • Invoice/Estimate Templates

    • FAQ Email Templates

  • Transcripts/Closed Captioning

  • Proofreading Documents​

  • Determining Product/Service Pricing

  • Other (You tell me what YOU need)

Business Cards/ Marketing Materials
  • 30 minute consult

  • Any promotional item including business cards, postcards, ink pens, water bottles, etc

  • Service-based businesses only

  • Clean Up Past Transactions to get Up-to-Date

  • Maintain Current and Future Transactions

  • File Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Taxes

  • Pay Bills

  • Send Invoices, Estimates, Payment Receipts

let's collaborate!

If you don't see a service that you need, don't hesitate to reach out and ask!  We want to take off as many tasks off your hands as we possibly can!

Thanks for submitting!
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